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Mr Red's
Mid West

(+ De Ddwyrain Cymru)

  Where to find UK Folk Music

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VIRTUAL events told to Mr Red (hover here) Mr Red's videos of canal restoration and other things folkie & Stroudish
& Mr Red's audio stories about old Stroud collected from old stroudies

cresby.com is now also available on mister.red (please re-assign favourites coming from "waitrose")

Sidmouth Festival 2021 (hover) Sat 31 July 8pm, in front of the Bedford

Irish Set, Triangle3pm Sunday 1st  Anchor Gardens daily.

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events where information is sent to Rouge Towers

Print magazine folklife.org.uk is publishing on-lne in full because of limited distribution during COVID-19


SIDMOUTH Flash mod Irish Set - Triangle (bus stops) 3pm Sunday (and maybe more)

Sea Front Promenade, in front of the Bedford EroBal pop-up

  on-line folk clubs are springing up - this one is on Fakebook - Covideo Folk Club (opens in new tab)
  Woodman FC, link to their Virtual FC on their homepage here or their Fakebook
  Bluebell session (Upton-u-Severn) online here But check for Royal Oak Kinnersley real session
  Forest Folk Club Podcast (Forest of Dean)
  Bideford FC (Devon) - virtual FC
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