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        язык Cesky

Globish is a reduced English with a lexicon of 1500 words. It is proposed by Jean-Paul Nerrière and Francophones can learn more at It is said to be sufficient to say anything you need and as a guide to using English as a second language most people can understand each other with it. This constraint is more strain than con in specialisms like Folk or Techie.

English ---- Globish

only a guide --- only a guide.

PEL ---
Public music law (law that cost money)- stupid law it prevent the voice of real people who like the music of society for no more reward than they can make music for free
ish, approx, approximately ---
sort of, I think!.

Folk club --- more respect, sit and listen (or else), door cost (or not), OR the people want it to have name of "folk club"!

sess, session ---
make music --- if you can find a seat and not play too loud, you can play all night. and enjoy
beg sess, beginners session ---
, where some of us begin to make music.
w/s, workshop --- ,
begin person and good music person talk and play music Learn as well as play.

dance ---
dance (or part of it), or the only part of it some night
acc sess, acoustic ---
no power and not only tradition, may include story
SAR, singaround, come-all-ye ---
voice music, one person (or many can) make voice music in some sort of move around the room with a person to control it.
spots ---
one person - 3 or 9 minute to make music or voice music in the first half.
open stage ---
"spots" on stage (at the front).
open mic.---
, as "open stage" + microphone .
bar music ---
only small group make music

w/e week end ---
3 day, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  OR a small "festival".
fest , festival ----
Friday, Saturday, Sunday. or more day / night.
day ---
all day event. one day.
alt, alternate ---
every 2 week, or some like thing of month again & again which people thought "alternate"

alt... with other ---
look for a like same night but not same night.
occ... occasional -
not easy to say when but ask people.
2/4 ---
2 and 4 week of the month (etc)

fantastic! --- I thought so
farmhouse cider ---
very good !!!
Irish, English, French,  Storytelling, blues ---
the event lead person want. Often the only want of people.

"not a sess!" --- is voice music only!

b/grass --- bluegrass
cajun / zydeco.---
"creole" music from Louisiana. America
trad ---
tradition. But careful!! "do not even think about "electric power, instrument" people make "voice music" / music without power. No microphone.

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