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hash code generator Euro-accents Ę - ű Grεεk Ω  ฒ  ณ  ญ ᛮ ᛯ ᛰ 🎞 🎶 🎻 🚏 🚭 🚸 🚾 🦁 🦊 🦎  𢜐 𢜑 𢜒

codes below 32 (space) are non-printing characters (eg CR or LF). You do need JavaScript switched for this.

click the modifier cells above to see/change 90 codes & characters at a time. Click again for more.

if the character is "?" or "" that is what you will get - on the browser you are using anyway (do check on other browsers).

if the cell looks different - you are getting a space or null - probably.

OK - how lucky do you feel, PAL? Go ahead click me!

click to see results below
this was written as a wheeze to hide e-mail addresses from spambots,
and still allow a mailto: links on web pages. It works on telephone numbers just as well.
it works pretty well unless you are a big target, then you wouldn't need this anyway
copy & paste result to HTML file in a text editor and view in browser to check.
Results above convert all codes greater than & including 33 (= !)
Space is not converted but is included unconverted. all control codes less than (& inc) 31 are unconverted too.
There will not be any control codes in the input text box unless you put them there. eg new line should be written as <BR>.
best of luck PAL