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Mr Red can only be contacted here, (in the 1st instance) please do not save my address found here - see below . . . any attempt to contact him on the old address of . folkofax . may be treated as spam 
If you do not wish to leave your e-mail address - type "billgates@msn.com", Bill won't answer though. I usually reply quickly, and I don't publish e-mails anywhere unless specifically asked to. But please try again if no answer is given quickly in case the net has failed.
.Dance details can be sent more fully from  this link 
Details spoken to Mr Red at festivals can not be relied on, try to get it written it down. Or return here and start happytapping....
NOTE  if you still experience problems try original page  Or to use regular e-mail and   link for use with attachment   .
But always return here for new instructions --- if I get spammed it changes.
don't hit the "send" button untill you have filled-in the message

Mr Red's pages, as you can see, only include dates for dances, (because he is a keen dancer), House Rules.
When giving details of a venue I do need :    
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    For folk clubs' diary events, you specify your URL (web address) and Mr Red will include a hyperlink to it (or if you wish ask for your email to be linked to - though it is not recommended).
Display dances and mid-week dance clubs are listed by Glosfolk please tell them.

if all else fails use this address but tell me what computer/OS/browser you are using

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