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This is just a taster. There is a CD with some of these songs and a few colaborations with Chris Evans, my Canadian cousin. e-mail me for more details.

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Cresby´s songs & collected stuff   audio fancy plain text music
Subject Title .MP3 .pdf .txt .abc .mid
I collected (& added 3 verses to) this Boer War recruiting song from Joe Latter originally evacuated from London in WWII . Old England she needs Soldiers   50Kb txt   
2 "pace egging" songs collected from Joe Hurley, born nr Accrington . I´m a Paper Lad & I´m a Navvy      
Robert Grave´s version of the "Old Barbed Wire" collected from the TV and Radio . Old Barbed Wire      
2 young peoples´ songs not heard elsewhere . Todd the Toad & Shine Your Buttocks        
Riddles, family epithets, and a skipping rhyme from my youth Hezzikia the King of the Jews        
a plea to a friend not to consider suicide . Eilidh   72Kb txt    
my kind of love song, full of meaning, and bathos . My Love is Like a Chocolate Box 128Kb 13Kb txt    
not quite a shanty but close . RollBoysRoll   23Kb txt abc midi
a friend & down and out who was too proud to say hello . Ron Haywards Blues 140Kb 34Kb txt    
Victorian trade of Pure Finding (dog poo to you) ! Pure Finder 160Kb 15Kb txt abc midi
I´m sentimantal about Malvern, this was my purple patch . No Matter Where I Wander   56Kb txt    
the battle for Upton bridge, Upton-u-Severn - Civil War . Upton Bridge 120Kb 16Kb txt   
the Guy Fawkes story, remember, remember, but do you ? Coughton Conspiracy 212Kb 22Kb txt   
a song about Nelson. Lord Nelson   20Kb txt   midi
Hot Gospel, with just a hint of tongue in cheek . Station in the Sky   80K txt    
a shanty in draft form? Pencil Sharpening Shanty
not a parody, but a modern re-working. Boy looses girl . All around my Hat   19Kb    
a song celebrating the quintessential English sauce
(from India) .
Worcestershire Sauce 132Kb 38Kb txt   
Rag & Bone Men, (eg Steptoe and Son)
the original re-cyclers .
Old Rags & Bones 200Kb 53Kb txt    
"Black Country" humour, Enoch v Eli .
also on the Black Country Humour site
Cud ´Ave Bin Werse 208Kb 18Kb txt   
wind-up Mrs Lemon, tell her you have seen this song ! Shropshire Lemonade 208Kb 30Kb txt   
culmination of a goal to write a trad song, did it work ? The Oak & the Willow 132Kb 19Kb txt   
pit shanty, that´s easy for me to say - sober . Gold for my Lady 228Kb 33Kb txt   
the "Old Barbed Why Here?" - three generations on . the Why Memorial   50Kb txt   
light hearted expose of the leather trade of Walsall . Merry Book Binder 140Kb 23Kb txt   
the dead centre of civilisation, Wednesbury town . Hall Green Way 104Kb 31Kb txt   
foundryman´s shanty, a true story . Push on the Shovel   12Kb txt   
a shanty for synchronised crochet teams . Knittershanty 128Kb 14Kb txt   
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