Partly Starkers

devized by Cresby Brown 2003
start position   F1 M1  
  M2   F4
  F2 M4
    M3 F3  
A heads LH star with couple on right   F2 M2  
(sides LH star with couple on left) M1   F3
1 1/2 turns F1 M3
RH turn partner   M4 F4  
ladies LH star 3/4   F1 M3  
1 1/2 dosee doh M2   F2
men RH star 3/4 F4 M4
LH exchange   M1 F3  
B heads 1/2 ladies chain   F3 M3  
sides continue LH turn M2   F4
sides 1/2 ladies chain F2 M4
heads continue LH hold & turn   M1 F1  
turn corner and   F3 M2  
promenade to ladies place M1   F4
  F2 M3
women have swapped ends (sides)   M4 F1  
men have swapped side to head verse 2 takes all back to place (trust me)

back to top Star Crazy by Richard Mason who used this dance as the basis for his dance and has danced it, it is definitely for the more knowing dancers. He advised on this dance also.
He has some more dances on his site http://mysite.freeserve.com/rjmason