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Well rules are a bit too strong but the guidlines are:

1) I list predictable events based on
            a) week/mth frequency eg 1st & 3rd or only alt mths
            b) week frequency (every 3 weeks has been known)
            c) day of week (or days)
            d) or even the day number (eg Wawickshire singers circle)
            e) mth & part of mth if yearly.
            f) Ceilidhs, Barn Dances, French, Cajun etc - tell me- you never know I might turn up.

2) I list frequent events not normally one-offs (except dances). Unless I have a particular interest then I may compose the page for it but it usually is instigated by me and has only failed when I was asked to do it (and then had my hard work squandered by the asker).  As a result, if asked, I may play the House Rules card - details on request.

3) I can list entertainment - (ie there is more than a nominal a charge)
               a)  Folk Clubs, (as far as I know Country, Western, Rock, Blues, or Jazz clubs are not listed.)
               b)  Concerts - got to be Folky and regular
               c)  Festivals - great - tell me about them, but gotta have that folk entertainer &/or sessions on the programme.
               d)  Story-telling

5) Open sessions - (no apreciable cover charge) -
            a) Open mike/ open stage I am happy to list these as long as any unaccompanied folk singer/songwriter would be happy to have a go. And people are listening.
            b) I favour the unamplified, and eschew volume, if I would have to wear earplugs you don't get a plug - that's my rule - as an electronic engineer I know about the relationship between aural accuity and volume & I will be just as unyielding as the volume knob.  Though not as unpleasant!
            c) Sessions unamplified - any folky musical genre is acceptable but I would prefer to know the style to guide the users of my lists.  If Joe Public can turn up with a bodhran and people wait to see if he can try to blend then no problem. If the venue doesn't like bodhrans tell me, it will guide the user.  & I most likely won't be there either!
            d) If it is cliquey and Joe Public can be excluded by policy rather than for good musical excuse then I may choose to not list.  (banjo's and bodhrans are not an excuse - loud players are!)
            e) SAR or come-all-ye (by default unamplified) are what I set-up the lists for.
            f) Story-telling - no problem
            g) Poetry - needs a bit of singing or musicianship to qualify as folk as opposed to art with a capital "F" (I am a poet).
            h) Casual dancing is fine (I dance cajun, French & ceilidhs ) & ceilidhs, barn, dances, squares and contra etc tell me about them please.

5)  Workshops - fine as long as a folkie can join in. But see frequency rules.

6)  Geographical area - for logistic reasons even this is too big - so thus far and no further.
            a) Gloucestershire (hub of area)
            b) Worcestershire
            c) Herefordshire
            d) Gwent (near parts of )
            e) Powys (near parts)
            f)  Shropshire (southern)
            g) Wiltshire
            h) Somerset
            i)  Devon (eastern parts thereof)
            j) Warwickshire (South & west)
            k) Oxfordshire (North and west)
            l) West Midlands (South western enclaves thereto)

7)  Links - gotta be to folky sites.
            a) Links to other sites that list venues adjacent to my area can be added - I prefer a return link to my site as a courtesy.
            b) Links further a-field -  I have a page for "others" and can add as and when asked.
            c) Links to sites that don't list venues - I have a page for "others" and can add as and when asked.
            d) If you use Flash movies Mr Red reserves the right to warn surfers on 56K dial-up that they are going to wait a long time and may not see anything while the bulkware downloads. Moral - give them an option to avoid the eye-candy and cut to the information. Add a Skip button.

8) Images - logos, photos, animations, music, JAVA etc.
            a) NO
            b) only my own
            c) The reason my site looks like it does is to reach as many browsers as possible, images slow the Tx and fancy crap does the same. Old browsers don't handle some fancies. If the net is slow then some packets don't arrive and surfers give-up waiting. So I happily code HTML & JavaScript by hand, or with Netscape Composer (4.5) and in Excel cell programming, macros, VBA and VB6 to make the code small and fast as possible. As an engineer I favour function over form.  The data are not king but the information inferred IS.
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