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Excel program to add Webfeet TAGs to an HTML page

(if you don't understand - maybe you need to investigate the program.)

The webfeeter.xls program is written to add the TAGs (hooks, pointers, instructions, call them what you will) to an html file so that when it sits on your website Webfeet can use its webbots to look at your page and update as and when. You only have to tell Webfeet your dance events page and their info will be as up to date as your info, (about twice weekly)

This program can also generate a very simple HTML page to list your dances which includes the tags for Webfeet.
It is in the form of an Excel file (Office 97 upwards) with macros.

Macros have to be enabled - Excel will ask you if you want to allow them, and the security level has to be set to moderate, if you decline you or haven't set the security you can still look at the Excel sheets but it will not generate results until you accept macros. If in doubt run the program on a copy of your html page.

This prog was updated March 1, 2005 and now works in Excel/Office 97 but where it gets sniffy - read the instructions as they appear.

Ultimately to generate results you have to say "yes" to macros - I have seen people forget this advice then wonder why it doesn't "do" anything!!! The xls file has been virus checked at upload using AVG (updated weekly) but users are advised to make their own checks.
Please think before e-mailing Mr Red - try a few things and if still struggling use one of the contact links above.
to download - right click this webfeeter.xls , use the Save As option. The file can be run from where it is but it is advisable to download it first. Read the HELP page. All you need is the Excel file webfeeter.xls and your own html file. It may mean you have to hold two versions of the same data (unless you use the html output and cut and paste the table to your actual file) AND then add the tags to the actual file in a second pass. Keeping the two sets of data synchronised is the only real problem. Its the price of simplicity Oh no, Mr Red is invisible!